Early Years

Early Years

‘Who will help me to bake this bread?’ The Little Red Hen puppet told her story, and then she helped us to make our own bread. Afterwards we went outdoors to make the most delicious mud pie.

Here and Elsewhere with Ikon Gallery was an early years project. I told puppet stories at Lillian de Lissa and Poppets nurseries, followed by hands-on (aka fabulously messy) creative activities to inspire lots of talking. Parents brought in their own stories, memories and clapping rhymes to add to the mix.

Wooden spoon puppet of the LIttle Red Hen

Wooden spoon puppet of the Little Red Hen


Who will help me to bake this bread

Who will help me to bake this bread?

Why does dough make your hands sticky?

Who will help me to write?

Who will help me to write?

Lots of creative play before, during and after baking.

We talked a lot about all the ingredients you need to make a mud pie!

Who will help me to eat this mud pie?

Who will help me to eat this mud pie?

During the project, we gathered favourite family recipes from all around the world – click to see Here and Elsewhere, our recipe and story booklet. Don’t miss the mud pie recipe!

Animal Lullabies

Animal Lullabies by Mandy Ross

The moon is bright. It’s bedtime. But shhh… in the animals’ secret night world, who’s getting up to mischief, instead of going to sleep?

Working with Pyn Stockman of  Secret City Arts, with the support of Birmingham Hippodrome, we are in the process of applying for funding to create a high-quality, interactive theatre piece for children aged 4-8, based on my children’s poetry book, Animal Lullabies.


We’ll work in collaboration with children as co- creators in local primary schools and a special school, each serving a priority neighbourhood within Birmingham. The children will work with us as composers, artists, writers and devisers, to create an ambitious and memorable piece of theatre that we hope will tour theatres, festivals and schools.