Summer mischief

Summer mischief

It’s been huge fun installing the Joke Machine in Summer Reading Challenge mischief events at Kenilworth Library and at Croome National Trust. After Pyn Stockman’s excellent storytelling sessions on Tricky Tricksters and Mischief Makers, it was my turn, showing kids how to use the Joke Machine to make up their own new jokes. How does it work? Just imagine an animal in one window, and an unlikely place for it in the other window – and then find some funny ways to describe them.

So… here’s Niamh’s joke: What’s black and white, smelly and can’t be seen?

And one by Shree:

We don’t know, Shree. What IS white, eats ibex and goes DING DONG DING DONG DING DONG DING DONG at 4 o’clock?
Answer: a snow leopard visiting Big Ben.

Boom boom! Hope these joke-inventing techniques will bring joy to every family!

Graphic storymaking and riddles too. Summer fun!