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‘Mandy Ross is a writer and workshop leader with a real gift for sharing creativity. Her work with adults and children and young people is exemplary – both the process and the outcomes are always full of real originality and a good deal of great writing and the fun of making language work.’
– Jonathan Davidson, Chief Executive, Writing West Midlands

‘Mandy brings a freshness to creative writing and makes us consider the sheer pleasure of writing rather than seeing it as a process for gaining a higher level. With her input, we focused on heightening the children’s observations of the world around them and making the journey to a special place an intrinsic part of the experience. Her quick engagement with the children enabled meaningful relationships to be developed quickly and their positive and considered responses impressed us greatly. From a staff point of view, Mandy brought so many original ideas forward that we found ourselves reflecting more deeply on the shared experiences. She is expert at drawing little nuggets of inspiration into something special and making the children believe they can do the same.’
– Jane Clark, headteacher, Pelsall Village School, Walsall

‘I found your class such a safe place to grow – me and all of us – our writing.  You managed to create both private and shared spaces around us.  It was a little miracle every Monday evening.’
‘Our writing styles were challenged and extended… most helpful and stimulating for me’
‘Very creative, and nurturing creativity; Lovely, lively atmosphere. Thank you!’
‘Enriching and extremely useful.’
‘I thoroughly enjoyed the creativity in tutoring that Mandy brought to each class. Our writing styles were challenged and extended, and I enjoyed the gradual development of trust in the group.’
      – Participants, adults’ creative writing course, Mac 2011-12

‘I have had the good fortune to collaborate with Mandy Ross on numerous CBSO projects, where she has brought a wonderfully creative mind to the table. She inspires children and adults to tap into their imagination, and supports them in crafting their thoughts into a range of writing styles. Her understanding of music means that I can be confident she will encourage our participants to write lyrics of a high quality which will work musically, thus leading to a successful end product which they can be very proud of. I would recommend anyone to work with Mandy.’
– Jackie Tyler, cellist and music education lead, CBSO (City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra)

‘Walsall Young Writers’ group has a lot to offer. I always enjoy looking for inspiration in the art gallery. I thoroughly enjoy every session and long to come to the next session. My confidence has grown massively and I have improved my writing techniques.’
      – Participant in Young Writers’ group, Walsall New Art Gallery

‘The children LOVED working with Mandy and effortlessly found their creativity’
– Anna Dreda, Much Wenlock Poetry Festival

‘I’ve noticed a great difference in the way children will just have a go at writing particularly some of the children who perceived themselves as non-writers before the project began’
      – Y2 teacher about Write On project at Chivenor Primary School

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